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Propshield 175g Mini Tub
Propshield 175g Mini Tub

Propshield 375g Tub

Propshield is a marine product for the private and commercial boat owner alike. It is a lanolin based antifouling grease and can be used to prevent and limit both barnacles and electrolysis. It is compatible with all types of stern gear and various materials from bronze propellers to painted surfaces found on outboard legs.

Coverage Guide:
375g Tub -
Treats a 12 metre twin screw vessel for 6-7 months coating both propellers, both shafts and both rudders OR Treats two outdrive legs below the water line on a 10 metre vessel for 6-7 months.

Single screw craft & smaller vessels - Will have enough Propshield for two or more seasons representing fantastic value for money! 

What you get for your money

  • One 375g tub of Propshield Antifouling Grease (enough to cover props, shafts, rudders and trim tabs on a 12 metre twin screw vessel)
  • A very detailed instruction sheet with a step by step guide to application, reapplication and coverage.
  • plus a pair of latex gloves

Propshield is a consumable product and needs to applied once a season or if your vessel is in the water all year round twice a year.

For further information please look here: Technical Information


This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 01 September, 2007.
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Propshield 175g Mini Tub
Propshield 175g Mini Tub
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